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         ‘Furniture restoring is a journey of discovering history and self-development. With our work we try to revive works of art, return their soul to them and we try to be a part in the silent story of things’.              


Handicraft and focus on original technologies

         When you decide to entrust your antique piece to my care, together we shall stop in time. We will need to step out of this hectic life, stop toiling for what had long been discovered, and with the smell of wax and amber varnish we shall take in the wisdom of our ancestors who are gold-plating cloud contours in heaven.
I place emphasis on handicraft. All restorative processes come from original authentic technologies and are based on the long-term study of specialized and historical literature. My colleagues and I take pleasure in restoring old furniture, gold-plating, repairing elements in historical grounds such as doors, staircases and ceilings.

The way we work?

        In our studio r we take an individual approach to every piece. In this way we keep to the forms of the original creator. W always treat the surface of the furniture using technology respecting the time in which it was made. We use various  polishing agents from mixtures of natural resins, waxes and amber or copal varnishes. All adhesive applications are done using animal skin or bone glues which have a long tradition going back to the beginnings of mankind. For restoring we have built a wide set of historical tools and materials such as plywood, bolts, hanging devices and fittings or spanners which are necessary for our work.
Our company cooperates with experienced specialists from fields such as upholstery, smithcraft or painting restoration so that we can deliver  complex services to our customers.
We can put together a restoration project plan and report, including photo documentation and consulting concerning the restoration of historical sites and movable property.  

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