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hoblování, práce
osobní foto

What a shame that you cannot experience the smell of resin in my studio.

         Antiques restoration is not just my calling and mission but my passion as well – a deep and sensuous experience, a journey full of stories and forms.  My name is Vladimír Páč. I fell in love with antiques and furniture restoration 24 years ago and with each piece of furniture my passion and my respect for the craft grew and is growing still.


         I have always been fascinated by objects imbued with the old stories made by our ancestors. I used to love to go to my grandpa´s old workshop whose atmosphere captivated my child´s soul. For hours I  was transfixed with wonder looking at the various tools whose functions have long been forgotten. Time stopped existing for me, there was only that place.
This is why it is important for me to keep our forefathers´ legacy alive in crafts which have become a kind of self-expression for me.

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